The Brief

Help a start-up pioneer a new interactive video technology.

Welcome to The Future of Video

Rapt Media has created the only interactive storytelling technology combining personalized narrative with unparalleled data integration. Their HTML5, mobile-native video platform gives users the power to intrigue, turning viewers into participants and engagement into real insights.

Working at a startup is both exciting and exhausting. Not only are you working nonstop to build a new technology but sometimes you find yourself laying down the tracks as the train is moving. It's scary. It's exciting. It's motivating. But most of all it's working together to create something new.

During my time I was responsible for three major areas: Interactive Video & Production, Product & Content Marketing, and Brand & Visual Language.

Interactive Video & Production

Interactive Video Example

Dead Lonely: A Zombie Romance

Dead Lonely was a partnership between Rapt Media and Aardman, the four-time Oscar award-winning studio and talented team of storytellers behind “Wallace and Gromit” and “Shaun the Sheep,” to explore the space between interactivity and storytelling. The result was a fun, engaging, game-like interactive experience.

See what Fast Company has to say about interactive video and the collaboration between Rapt Media and Aardman plus check out the full project case study. Also feel free to check out more interactive videos I've worked on while at Rapt Media.

Product & Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Our team worked within Hubspot to produce, manage and deliver all of our Marketing content. We produced multi-touch, comprehensive campaigns hitting all stages of the sales funnels with email marketing, display ads, landing pages and printed materials. We tackled three main personas throughout our campaigns to help segment our audience and directly target those customers. We also introduced lead nurture email campaigns to keep potential customers engaged.

My role was to craft the creative direction for these campaigns from initial idea through design, development and final delivery. Each campaign had multiple touchpoints that needed to work independently for each persona and target audience but also blend cohesively throughout the entire campaign.

Brand & Visual Language

Rapt Media Brand and Visual

As the brand and visual language expanded to new touchpoints, one thing remained at the core of our focus- simplicity. Our brand needed to reflect our ease-of-use offering. I reinforced this by interweaving images of technology with modern design trends keeping our brand relevant and approachable to any consumer.

Our product was simple and user-friendly, and that needed to resonate when looking at our brand. I was able to craft and maintain a visual language that was technology and product focused yet approachable for our wide range of consumers.

High Five!

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