The Brief

Redesign one of Colorado's best online hiking resources.

Peak Perfection has it all, it's home to Colorado's highest peaks. Fifty-four to be exact. More than 140 routes and hundreds of thousands of feet in elevation.

Each peak and hiking route contains detailed directions, maps, satellite imagery, elevations, and a ton of photos. It's an online 14er guidebook that is constantly updated by the dedicated users.

As one of those users, I absolutely love the site. There is tons of great information that is being updated daily. You can find the most relevant and up-to-date info on just about any trail in Colorado. That's awesome. What's not awesome is the design and overall look of the site. It's easy on the information, but a bit rough on the eyes.

I wanted to change that and set out to redesign a few pages to make them modern and visually engaging. I also wanted to update the current logo to reflect the new direction and give site a cohesive feel.

Climbing all of the Colorado 14ers
is a goal that few accomplish.

This concept is in no way associated with

High Five!

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