The Brief

Create a simple and dynamic one-page site for the Bauer Vapor 1X LE skates.

Time To Break A Sweat

Passion projects keep the creative juices flowing. They allow you to push boundaries and comfort levels. It’s an opportunity to get outside the normal restraints that sometimes come along from client work.

I have played hockey all my life. That means I've watched the evolution of the sport and with it the advancement of the equipment. When I came across these Bauer Vapors it sparked a burst of creative energy. A few minutes later I was feverishly sketching out a wireframe and pulling it into photoshop to layout the page.

The result was something that wasn't planned. It didn't have months of research and competitive analysis. It's wasn't something that an entire team poured weeks of sleepless nights into. It was the result of a passion for a product and few hours work. One of the best creative exercises I've had.

Perfect, by no means.

The Game Starts Here.

This concept is in no way associated BAUER Hockey, Inc. and its affiliates.

High Five!

You made it to the end. But don't worry, there's more to see.